I Am Green 2.0


Creative Visions has completed the first phase of the I Am Green project sponsored by the Iowa Office of Energy Independence, MidAmerican Energy, and the Energy Group and is excited about the next phase of the energy efficiency project.

The I Am Green energy efficiency project will continue to provide practical and low costs ways in which households can reduce their energy use and save money. From time to time, Creative Visions will continue to team up with its energy partners to provide workshops and hands on demonstrations to help individuals not only learn about energy efficiency but to effectively use energy saving products. However, I Am Green 2.0, the projects next phase, will incorporate greater use of web based resources along with utilizying the social media to help spread our message and share pratical energy and costs saving tips.

We encourage you and ask to you encourage others to frequently visit this website for projct updates and  ways in which you can save energy and save money.

Please enjoy the following information on CFL light bulbs and share with others:

Did You Know?

Congress has passed a law the most screw in light bulbs must use 265 less energy by 2014

Stores must phase out all incandescent bulbs by 2014

When purchasing the CFLs(curly bulbs) make sure that they are instant start, have a Color Rendering Index of   80% or higher and a color temperature or brightness range of 3,600-4,000

Remember, because CFL use mercury, used bulbs should not be properly disposed through recycling. Major hardware stores ( Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) will accept used bulbs.

Creative Visions I Am Green Project Hosted by the Chinese Association of Iowa

Creative Visions COO LaVon Stennis Williams with State Sen. Daryly Beall

Creative Visions’ I Am Green energy efficiency workshop was recently held as part of the Chinese Association annual Holiday party. Over 65 individuals including several community leaders and elected officials participated in the energy efficiency workshop presented by Les and Amber Wilson with the Energy Group who are co- sponsors of the project.

To date, the I Am Green workshop has been presented in English and translated in Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese and to over 500 individuals representing 225 households throughout the community.

The I Am Green projected was developed by Creative Visions COO LaVon Stennis Williams and is designed  to help educate the community on the need to reduce their energy use which also leads to a reduction in a household’s monthly fuel bill. The project is funded by the Iowa Office of Economic Development formerly the Iowa Office of Energy, MidAmerican, and the Energy Group

Creative Visions Provides Energy Saving Information At Community Festival

Creative Visions provided I Am Green energy saving materials at an information booth during the Vietnamese Fall Festival held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church which was the site of a previous I Am Green workshop held in May.

Information on energy saving tips in English, Spanish and Vietnamese was distributed. Participants were able to view an energy saving kit provided by MidAmerican. Families signed up to be contacted for future I Am Green workshops. I Am Green workshps are sponsored by Creative Visions, The Iowa Office of Economic Development, MidAmerican Energy and the Energy Group.

In addition to providing important information on ways to reduce energy and save money, Creative Visions staff also participated in several of the festivities.

Creative Visions CEO Ako Abdul-Samad enjoying a traditional Vietnamese dish.

Creative Visions Nears Completion of First Round of I Am Green Workshops.

L to R: Ako Abdul-Samad, Quan Tran, Mary Campos, Swallow Yan, and Hatim Yusef.

The final workshop in the first phase of the I Am Green Energy Efficiency project will be held in mid October. The date and location is being planned. The workshop will be presented in English and translated in Chinese. Swallow Yan, the Executive Director of the Chinese Association of Iowa is helping coordinate the workshop and will be the translator.

Like the previous I Am Green workshops which have been presented in English and translated in Vietnamese, Spanish, and Arabic, the purpose of the workshops is to provide energy efficiency information in a multi-lingual approach to better reach a large segment of the Des Moines Community who often may not have access to such important information as how to save energy and reduce monthly fuel bills.

Because of the high community interest in the workshops, a second round of workshops is being planned. To date over 100 households have signed up to participate in efforts to save energy through the I Am Green project.  “Creative Visions is proud to be able to kick off a movement that supports efforts to reduce Iowa’s fuel consumptions and we could not have been successful in such efforts without the support of our sponsors, Iowa Economic Development formerly Iowa’s Office of Energy Independence, MidAmerican Energy and the Energy Group,” said Creative Visions CEO Ako Abdul- Samad.

Efforts to spread the I Am Green message have been boosted by the recent billboard that was erected on 63 and Grand. The billboard features community leaders who have joined Creative Visions in promoting energy efficiency throughout Des Moines’ communities.

Creative Visions Conducts Back to Back I Am Green Workshops to Meet Community Requests

Creative Visions conducted back to back I Am Green workshops Saturday. The workshops were conducted in English and translated in Arabic by Hatim Yusef, who helped coordinate the workshops for community members whose primary language is Arabic.

The workshops were held at a Community Mosque and the Sudan Community Resource Center and attracted nearly 75 participants eager to learn how they can live green and save money. The workshops were conducted by Les and Amber with the Energy group and translated for the audience. Each member received an energy kit donated by MidAmerican Energy.

The final multilingual workshop in the first phase of the project is scheduled for late August and will be translated in Chinese. Future workshops are being planned for the second phase of the project. Please continue to visit this website for the schedule or call us at (515) 244-4003.  

I Am Green In Action- Practical Energy Saving Steps Households Are Talking

We  reported earlier, that 103 households have signed on to become “Green” after attending the I Am Green workshops and informationals.  The workshops  developed and presented by the Energy Group,have provided individuals with practical and low costs ways to reduce energy and save money. In addition to the workshops, each participating household received an energy saving kit provided by Mid American. 

As promised, we now would like to share some of the success stories that households are reporting in their efforts to save energy and lower their utility bills.

After attending the I Am Green workshops, the families have all installed the efficiency light bulbs provided and some have changed their faucet heads with the ones in the kit provided by MidAmerican.  They have reported that they have adjusted their thermostat and open their windows in the morning when its cool rather than use the air conditioner. They will be replacing their filters more often.   I also have my thermostat set at 77 during the day and 75 at night. Everybody is trying to cut back their energy use this summer. It will be more green for our homes and our neighborhoods and all of the community. Thanks a lot for the I Am Green program.


Quan  ( Coordinator and translator for the Vietnamese language I Am Green workshop)


My electric bill has dropped dramtically in the short time since I became part of the I Am Green coalition. My light  bill is now less than $45.00 per month since I began using the new light bulbs and following the energy saving tips.

Thank you for this service

Robert, ( I Am Green workshop participant)


The I Am Green workshop provided me with good information to use in my house.  In Texas we had the heat, but not the cold. When I moved here, I was shocked by the big bills.  Now I know how to cut back and use less energy and money to heat my house.  We are now doing the things we learned and cant wait to see the money we will save.

Ana ( Spanish language I Am Green workshop)


The I Am Green workshop and the supplies are god send to me and my family. We h ave not seen big changes in our bill, but we know its coming.  We have seen big changes in how we use energy in this house.  Even my kids are now practicing saving energy.  I told them, what we save in our energy bill, can go toward more games for them so now they unplug the t.v and games when they are not using them.  Lights are turned off and showers are not as long which they like. I heard about I Am Green when I had trouble paying my utility bill.  What a great program.

Dominique ( I Am Green workshop participant)


We could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  Reducing your energy use and saving money is as easy as contacting Creative Visions at 244-4003 to learn when the next I Am Green workshop will be held.  We hope to see you there!

We Just Couldn’t Wait To Share The Good News

Well it’s been a little over a month since Creative Visions, along with our partners, Iowa Office of Energy Independence, MidAmerican Energy and the Energy Group launched I Am Green, an energy efficiency project.  Although  we are still collecting stories from the participants who have attended the I Am Green workshops, we wanted to share some of the highlights :

We have  conducted three workshops, and one community informational.  One workshop was conducted in English and two in Vietnamese. A community informational on energy saving tips and the I Am Green project was held during the community- wide Juneteenth Celebration.  To date, 103 individiuals and households have signed up to become “Green“.  What this means, is that because of the I Am Green project, 103 more households have learned best practices to reduce their energy use and save money.

Of the individuals who have attended either the workshops or the informational, 100%  of the participants rate the project as helpful to them and their families.  In fact, 92 participants rated the I Am Green project as very helpful.  We invite you to continue to visit our website to hear more success stories and to learn about future I Am Green workshops.  The next workshop will be held June 28th from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at Creative Visions 1343 13th St and will be conducted in English and translated in Spanish so please join us. If you have any questions, please contact LaVon Stennis Williams at 244-4003 Ext. 118.

Creative Visions to Host I Am Green Energy Efficiency Workshop in Spanish


¡Talleres de  Energía Eficiente!


Visiones Creadoras, junto con sus socios el Fondo de Energía de Iowa, MidAmerican y el Grupo de Energía presentarán una serie de talleres de energía eficiente a través de la Comunidad de Des Moines para ayudar a aumentar el conocimiento de la necesidad de reducir el uso de energía. La información proporcionará los pasos que las familias pueden realizar a través de prácticos trabajos de bajo costo que le ayudaran no sólo a ahorrar en su gasto de energía, sino también a ahorrar dinero.

Las familias que tomen parte en el taller y estén de acuerdo en proporcionar información en lo que su familia hace para reducir la energía, recibirá un juego (Kit) de energía para su  hogar proporcionado por MidAmerican Energy.

Fecha:      Martes 28 de Junio del 2011

Lugar:       Creative Visions  1343  13th St. Des Moines

Hora:        6:00 P pm – 8:00 pm.

Por favor visite el sitio web de El proyecto verde



**** Refrescos y meriendas serán ofrecidos gratis ****

Seventy Five Familes Sign Up To Become Green

In the first month of the I Am Green Energy Efficiency project, 75 families have signed up to become I Am Green households.  Each of the families received energy efficiency kits provided by MidAmerican and agree to report their energy efficiency practices and savings.

The workshops which have  so far been conducted in both English and Vietnamese , were well received by the workshop participants. Future workshops in Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese and additional English language workshops will be conducted over the next months.

Please continue to visit success stories to see how the I Am Green workshops are making a difference in Iowa’s efforts to conserve energy and the communities efforts to save money.

First Bi-lingual I Am Green Workshops Developed for Vietnamese Community

On May 3 and 4th Creative Visions, along with its I Am Green partners, Mid American Energy, The Iowa Office of Energy Independence and the Energy Group, provided I Am Green Workshops to the Vietnamese Community.  The workshops were held at the Basilica of St. John Church and St. Peters Church to an audience of over 50 community members who signed up to become I Am Green households.

The workshops produced by Les Wilson with the Energy group and his daughter Amber,  were conducted in both English and Vietnamese. Translation services were provided by Quan Tong who also helped coordinate the community workshops. 

As with the other workshops, participants received I Am Green home energy kits provided by Mid American Energy. Creative Visions is planning other workshops throughout the months of June, July and August. 

For more information on the workshops or to notified of future dates, please Call Creative Visions at 244-4003.

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